Meet our team

A seasoned team with a proven track record of creating successful startups, creating shareholder value and leading Web3 innovation.

Marcus Daley
Marcus Daley Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
A Web1, Web2 and Web3 veteran who has built and sold startups and has been an award winning CTO for Fortune 500 companies with patents over 3 decades.
Scott Page
Scott Page Co-Founder and Web3 Speaker and Visionary
A successful entrepreneur, producer, technologist, and multimedia pioneer. He is often known for his saxophone and rhythm guitar work with Pink Floyd, Supertramp, and Toto.
Steve Gerald
Steve Gerald Co-Founder and Sports Business Manager
Founding member of Team Takeover Basketball Club, the top U.S. youth basketball organization, contributing to over 150 athletes securing Division 1 scholarships and 40+ turning pro.
Loot8 advisory

Our advisory board team

A distinguished advisory board with extensive industry expertise and influential connections.

Steve Denkinger
Steve Denkinger Finance & Capital Markets Strategy
Andrea Thompkins
Andrea Thompkins President & CEO, ACE MEDIA CORP
Jerome Williams
Jerome Williams NBA Player & CEO of IP FAMBA
Bobby Bramhall
Bobby Bramhall Attorney & Adjunct Professor of Sports & NIL Law
Darryl Woods
Darryl Woods Perpetual Sports Executive & CVR Co-Founder