LOOT8 is a Web3 CMS with a focus on fostering the 'Relationship Economy', utilizing a monetization model referred to as SocialFi. It is intended to enable individuals with engaging stories, not just influencers or superstars, to monetize their relationships. For example, subscribing to a creator's passport may allow users to participate in activities such as trading digital memorabilia and influencing future collectibles - the utility is up to the creator.


Comparatively, LOOT8's exclusive creator-controlled channels bear similarities to OnlyFans' super fan channels, with a key distinction: LOOT8 targets athletes, artists, creators, and brands, whereas OnlyFans is predominantly known for its adult content focus. OnlyFans, where top earners reportedly make up to $20M monthly, is estimated to have generated revenue exceeding $5B and created around 35 million pieces of content in 2023.

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LOOT8's revenue strategy includes

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LOOT8 leverages Web3 technology to transform the monetization of memorabilia and fan engagement. To launch this strategy, LOOT8 does the following:
  • Plans to partner with entities like Perpetual Sports, with a focus on Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rights, which could enable athletes to sell digital memorabilia directly to fans.
  • Earns revenue from a 10% fee on all transactions, including subscriptions to creator passports and sales of digital collectibles.
LOOT8 offers a platform to monetize people’s personal brands and creates a new revenue stream for creators in the digital memorabilia market starting with sports and expanding from there.
A unique aspect of this model is the collaboration with LBX Food Robotics, which places vending machines on university campuses and other venues. These machines double as points of sale for digital memorabilia related to school athletes, merging the physical and digital realms of fan interaction. LOOT8 integrates APPIX Tchnologies for real-time notifications about new collectibles, especially following major events. This blend of physical vending machines and digital notifications creates a unique, immersive fan experience, driving the sales of digital memorabilia and showcasing an innovative approach to monetizing fan engagement in the Web3 era.


In this model, the platform taps into the youth market by first partnering with KIPP, the second largest charter school in the USA, to introduce customizable AI avatars and companions. These digital companions are designed for personalization, allowing youth to creatively modify their appearances and behaviors. This feature isn't just for engagement; it enables young users to create and sell unique cosmetic items for their AI companions, turning these into tradeable digital assets on the LOOT8 platform. LOOT8 monetizes this creative ecosystem by:
  • Applying a 10% fee on each transaction made for these cosmetic items, an approximately $60B industry in 2023.
  • This strategy creates a unique revenue stream for LOOT8 while encouraging a new generation of young creators to explore and profit from their digital creativity.
By ensuring the tradeability, security and privacy of these digital assets, LOOT8 builds a trustworthy and innovative platform that runs privately on user’s smartphones and web browsers.
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Enterprise Model

In this model, the company draws on its background with NeuralMetrics and the LOOT8 CEO's experience with major information services companies like 3E and S&P Global. This rich history underpins LOOT8's transition towards:
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing models.
  • Advertising-driven revenue models.
These models target larger Annual Contract Value (ACV) and Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) from corporate clients. This shift expands the company from its initial consumer-focused, royalty-based model, toward a more stable and scalable enterprise market.
By focusing on enterprise needs, particularly in emerging digital product passport regulations in Europe, LOOT8 taps into a consistent revenue stream. This move positions LOOT8 to capitalize on the growing demand for digital transformation and blockchain technology in the corporate sector.


LOOT8, originating as a bootstrapped project by NeuralMetrics, was developed to shift AI from centralized systems directly to users' smartphones, enabling them to monetize their personal stories and connections through blockchain technology. This approach aims to position AI-enabled SocialFi as a significant innovation, potentially comparable to the impact of Netscape in its time. Moving forward, LOOT8 plans to expand by partnering with additional investors and collaborators who align with its vision. The platform is set to attract a diverse range of users, including athletes, artists, musicians, brands, and creators from various fields - essentially, the vast majority who are not already prominent figures. Ongoing engagements with national restaurant chains, leading social networks, and top-tier athletic programs are affirming LOOT8's direction and potential in the marketplace.