Fredrick Mutesasira

Fredrick Mutesasira is not just any artist; he's a beacon of creativity hailing from Musanze, Rwanda, where his Abstract Realism art breathes life into canvases. Amidst the challenges of making a living in Rwanda, Fredrick's profound connection with the majestic gorillas has become his muse, captivating tourists and art lovers alike with his stunning depictions.

At LOOT8, we're champions for artists like Fredrick, empowering them to transcend boundaries and thrive by selling their art far and wide, both in physical and digital realms. With innovative strategies, Fredrick is on a quest to amplify his art's reach, breaking free from constraints and embracing a world of possibilities.

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How it works

STEP #1: Create an Experience Passport (EXPass)

At LOOT8, Fredrick Mutesasira creates a "Experience Passport", a hub for Super Fans to influence his art and future collections. This dynamic platform not only increases in value with every new member but also offers a flexible exit strategy - fans can reclaim 80% of their initial fee or trade their access at market value. Each sale, trade or transfer of Fredrick’s ExPass not only benefits Fredrick with a 10% royalty but also establishes a sustainable economic model, opening new revenue avenues for talents like Fredrick in resource-limited settings.
Fredrick Passport
Financial Curve

STEP #2: Create Digital Art Memorabilia

In LOOT8, Fredrick Mutesasira merges digital art with unique chat room access, where he and fans dive into each artwork's story, adding value and context. This platform fosters deeper connections through shared insights and historical interaction, making each piece more than just a collectible. Early supporters gain first access to these rare digital twins of original works, strengthening the community bond around Fredrick's artistic journey.

STEP #3: Create Memories

At LOOT8, Fredrick Mutesasira transcends the digital divide, fostering real, global connections beyond mere collectibles. This platform champions authentic interactions, free from algorithmic influence. Fredrick's genuine stories and the meaningful exchanges among fans create a community of depth. Looking ahead, a personalized AI co-pilot could amplify these engagements, making every interaction more profound. The Subscription Passport remains at the heart of this experience, empowering Super Fans to shape the artistic narrative while bonding over shared passions in Fredrick's evolving journey.
Fredrick Passport
Here's a brief breakdown of the standard royalty structure, the cornerstone of how Fredrick and holders of Passports and memorabilia monetize their relationships:
Basic Royalties


LOOT8 offers key capabilities for creators:
  • Complementary Platform: It enhances, rather than replaces, traditional social networks.
  • New Business Opportunities: Creators can build new businesses by monetizing their relationships, both digital and 'phygital' (physical + digital), through innovative technologies like QR codes, NFC chips, geofencing and super hero AI co-pilots.
  • Value in Engagement: The platform's long-term worth lies in fostering relationships and influence within private chat rooms, beyond digital art. These are not NFTs, they are memorabilia.
  • Community Focus: Envision LOOT8 as a fan club or intimate gathering place, where exclusive memorabilia becomes a legacy.
Similar to how Instagram revolutionized photo and video sharing, LOOT8 aims to transform memorabilia trading and engagement, complementing other platforms to create a richer experience.
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