The Leader In Web3 Content Management And Decentralized Commerce

Loot8 propels businesses into the Web3 era, offering an innovative content management platform where all content is treated as digital assets across all networks, controlled by the creator. Seamlessly integrating with Web2, Loot8 fosters direct peer-to-peer sales, integrates digital collectibles, and provides integrated AI tools, ensuring authenticity, transparency, and control over digital and real-world assets.

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About Loot8

Who We Are

Loot8 Is A Revolutionary Content Management Platform That Pushes The Boundaries On Digital Collectibles And Fan Experiences. Focused On Web3 Collectibles That Seamlessly Connect Athletes, Artists, Creators And Brands With Their Communities Of Superfans. By Fusing NFTs And Real-World Experiences, Loot8 Offers A Content Management Platform That Natively Provides Exclusive Physical And Digital Collectibles, Fostering Unparalleled Engagement With The Most Passionate Supporters. Loot8 Serves The Underserved And Embodies The Essence Of The Decentralized Crypto Revolution By Creating Opportunities For Seekers That Would Not Have Otherwise Existed.

How it works

Create an experience passport
Create an experience passport
Create an experience passport
Create an experience passport
Create community items under the passport
Create an experience passport
Create an experience passport
Onboard using phygitals and digital collectibles
Create an experience passport
Create an experience passport
Speak direct with your super fans, reward them, cultivate your communities
Loot8 Uniqueness

The Phygital Experience

In a world increasingly interwoven with digital technology, Loot8 pushes the boundaries of what's possible by creating a truly "Phygital" experience - a seamless integration of the physical and digital realms.

phygital experiance
phygital experiance
Loot8 Uniqueness

The Social Experience

Harness the power of digital collectibles to access an exclusive, private social network tailored for genuine holders. This innovative gateway ensures a curated community of superfans, united by shared experiences and prized digital assets.

phygital experiance
Loot8 Uniqueness

Discover marketplace

Discover a marketplace that seamlessly blends private exclusivity with public accessibility, offering digital collectibles, phygitals and unique experiences also playable in Loot8 skill-based games. Dive into a realm where superfans can not only acquire but also trade and play, fostering a community bound by shared passions and relationships.

phygital experiance
The Bridge Between Worlds

Digital Collectibles

Unlocking the Phygital Realm
Unlocking the Phygital Realm Digital collectibles are the vital bridge to our Phygital world, enabling the merging of physical and digital spaces. As assets with unique characteristics, digital collectibles allow for ownership and transaction of virtual goods in an online environment.
Exclusive Physical Rewards
Exclusive Physical Rewards As a Loot8 member, you get exclusive access to a range of physical rewards, from merchandise personalized by your favorite athletes, artists, creators and brands to live event access and unique real-world experiences.
Endless Digital Possibilities
Endless Digital Possibilities In the digital realm, your Loot8 journey is packed with countless opportunities. Unlock elite digital collectibles, and connect with a vibrant online community. Through our platform, you're not just a passive consumer; you're an active participant with ownership rights.
Join the Phygital Revolution
Join the Phygital Revolution The Phygital experience offered by Loot8 is more than a service—it's a revolution. It's the future of fan engagement and community-building, the next step in the evolution of how we connect with the things we love at the places Welcome to the future. Welcome to Loot8.
Phygital revolution

Uniting the Tangible and the Intangible

Loot8 is at the forefront of the 'Phygital' revolution, merging physical goods and experiences with their digital counterparts. We connect the tangible with the intangible, offering a unique blend of real-world merchandise, live events, and digital collectibles through the power of NFTs with the EXPass.

phygital experiance
Web 2.0 -- -> web 3.0 transition

Web 3.0 Revolution

Loot8, the Vignette of the Web3 era, seamlessly transitions Web2.0 companies into the decentralized digital frontier. By empowering content creators with full control and integrating advanced AI tools and peer-to-peer commerce into brownfield Web2 solutions or into greenfield Web3 solutions, Loot8 immediately sets businesses at the forefront of the next digital revolution.
Web 3.0 Revolution
Loot8 seasoned team

Meet our team

A seasoned team with a proven track record of creating successful startups, creating shareholder value and leading Web3 innovation.

Marcus Daley
Marcus Daley Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
A Web1, Web2 and Web3 veteran who has built and sold startups and has been an award winning CTO for Fortune 500 companies with patents over 3 decades.
Scott Page
Scott Page Co-Founder and Web3 Speaker and Visionary
A successful entrepreneur, producer, technologist, and multimedia pioneer. He is often known for his saxophone and rhythm guitar work with Pink Floyd, Supertramp, and Toto.
Steve Gerald
Steve Gerald Co-Founder and Sports Business Manager
Founding member of Team Takeover Basketball Club, the top U.S. youth basketball organization, contributing to over 150 athletes securing Division 1 scholarships and 40+ turning pro.
Abel Ortiz
Abel Ortiz Business Development Collectibles
A military veteran with a notable government and public track record in pioneering physical inventions. A visionary bridging digital assets with tangible innovations and collectibles.
Sheila Conlin
Sheila Conlin Operations and Event Management
The genius behind Hulu's "The Curse of Von Dutch," has shaped iconic shows like "Kitchen Nightmares" and pioneered reality TV since representing stars like Adam Sandler. Her commitment to quality storytelling has set entertainment industry standards.
Robert Lamb
Robert Lamb Legal Counsel Specializing in Blockchain Technology
Rob is an expert in complex international structures and cross-border and domestic DeFi, blockchain, NFTs, DAOs, Web3, M&A, Private Equity, licensing and technology transactions.
WEB3/AI Team Engineering Team with Marcus Daley for a decade+
DeFi development team with real-world, cross-chain experience across all major asset types and AI and machine learning experience building a successful insurtech business.
Loot8 advisory

Our advisory board team

A distinguished advisory board with extensive industry expertise and influential connections.

Curt Marvis
Curt Marvis CEO QYOU Media Inc.
Harvey Grant
Harvey Grant NBA Player & Father of NBA Stars
Jay Rosenzweig
Jay Rosenzweig CEO Rosenzweig & Co
Jerome Williams
Jerome Williams NBA Player & CEO of IP FAMBA
Waydal Sanderson
Waydal Sanderson SureSports Executive
Van Johnson
Van Johnson National Grassroots Evaluator
Matt Wilhelm
Matt Wilhelm Blockchain & Web3 Entrepreneur
Bobby Bramhall
Bobby Bramhall Attorney & Adjunct Professor of Sports & NIL Law
Darryl Woods
Darryl Woods Perpetual Sports Executive & CVR Co-Founder