Liam Morgan

Downhill Athlete

Entraprenuer and Extreme Sports Athlete

The driving force behind Blood Orange, Prism Skate Co and Caliber Truck Co , epitomizes modern downhill skateboarding. As an entrepreneur and athlete, he stands atop the world of extreme sports.

At LOOT8, we recognize Liam Morgan's followers as Kevin Kelly's "1,000 True Fans" concept . A core group of “Super Fans” who financially support their admired creator, forming the foundation of what we call the "Relationship Economy." To grow this, Liam employs a few key strategies: site.

STEP #1: Create an Experience Passport (ExPass)

In LOOT8, Liam Morgan introduces a "Subscription Passport," a private chat room for Super Fans to influence exclusive content. Each new subscription increases its value. Fans can exit at any time, reclaiming 80% of their one-time subscription fee, or sell their access in the marketplace at the current price. Each transaction earns Liam a 10% royalty, creating an economic model that supports Liam and the subscriber.

STEP #2: Create Experiences

In LOOT8, all digital memorabilia contains a private chat room, where fans share experiences. Liam adds his memories, enhancing the value of these relationships. Digital collectibles, including those linked to physical items like skateboards or special events, are available for purchase or trade on LOOT8. Buying new memorabilia involves an 80% deposit, similar to the "Subscription Passport" system. Memorabilia can be traded in the marketplace at market prices. Remember, core value lies in the shared relationships within these private chat rooms, making each item more than just a collectible.

STEP #3: Build a Community

In LOOT8, Liam focuses on real relationships, not creating more passports or memorabilia. It's a space free from algorithms, where genuine interaction is key. Liam shares authentic thoughts, and fans engage in meaningful connections. In the future, as a digital extension of himself, Liam can use a personalized AI co-pilot to further deepen engagement. The passport remains central, enabling Super Fans to influence memorabilia while keeping connected with others who share in Liam's journey.